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Boone Pickens Stadium (via Flickr/thecollegerag)

OSU is a high-quality university and it was easy to find things to brag about for my video.  I ended up filming areas that never made it to the final cut, such as the sororities, downtown Stillwater and the Seretean Performing Arts Center. However, since it was impossible to fit everything into a two-minute video, I had to decide what I thought was most impressive.

OSU’s advantages for undergraduates interested in research include Edmon Low Library and scholarships such as the Wentz.  However, for incoming freshmen, the best program is the Freshman Research Scholars, which helps students find a faculty mentor, develop and present a project and awards them a $1,000 scholarship.  Edmon Low Library and the Freshman Research Scholars program were obviously important to include, along with the Honors College, to attract the academically-oriented students.

For students interested in social activities, I wanted to make it clear that not only are there a lot of clubs but also that students can easily form their own. Stillwater is a small town that may come off as boring to some, but I think emphasizing that clubs can provide fun activities helps diminish that disadvantage.  In addition, I wanted to bring up the Student Union as the hub of activity so interested students could see the place they are likely to spend time with friends.

Finally, I wanted students to know that OSU has places to exercise and relax, so I included the Colvin Center and Theta Pond.  One thing I did not include was the sororities and fraternities.

Fraternities have been accused of everything from racism to date rape recently, with OSU having an incident with the confederate flag.  Therefore, I decided not to bring up fraternities, as I feel some high school students would view them as a disadvantage.

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Highlighting Oklahoma State University

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OSU is one of the best and most affordable public universities in the United States. Every high school student should consider it when applying, especially if they are interested in research.

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