Home Page Photo of Rachel Higgins (by Rachel Higgins and relatives)

Last week, I worked on and completed the first version of my portfolio website and introductory video.  It focuses on my media experience and it lists my writing and multimedia examples, internship experience and resume.

The main challenge when creating the website was keeping it professional, while at the same time visually appealing.  For this blog, I used lilac and blue-green as theme colors, but I toned it down by using basic black and white for the portfolio.  In addition, I gave it a static home page as the front page rather than the blog page and removed the blogging option entirely.

Other differences include having only a “search” bar, archives and contact info as widgets.  However, one key similarity is the pictures I used with blog posts, as their exclusion made the website seem too plain.

Although the website did not take that long to put together, the introductory video was more difficult.  The weekend I decided to film was windy, so my hair was in the way constantly and even with the wireless microphone, some background noise could be heard.  Originally, I had planned to shoot the video outside with Honors College in the background, but I changed the location to inside the Seretean Performing Arts Center.

The Seretean is one of my favorite places on campus because of the performances and events like the Autumn Arts Gala.  It also has  a calm, dignified atmosphere and is relatively quiet, which is why I decided to film there.

The filming itself took between three and four hours, as I had difficulty speaking in front of the camera.  I usually would either forget part of the script or mispronounce a word. When I finally obtained the footage I needed, most of my work was done and I was relieved.

Portfolio Website