Helen Jordan (Photo by Rachel Higgins)
Helen’s pottery (Photo by Rachel Higgins)

I wanted to include today more background on my interview with artist Helen Jordan of the Multi Arts Center of Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Helen, a woman in her early 90s, still gives classes at the Arts Center and was recommended to me by the director.  After calling her, we set a date to meet at her house to talk and take pictures of her art.

Helen told me about what initially made her interested in art.  An art professor at school encouraged students to follow their interests rather than follow the curriculum.  His example encouraged her to continue to be involved in the arts and pursue her interests.

Her main interest in art is clay pottery, and she likes creating useful pieces, such as planting pots and plates.   I noticed she often integrates her favorite theme, nature, with vines and leaf designs.

After the interview, I was introduced to her cat, Shadow, and took pictures of her art.   Later, I went to the Multi Arts Center to take pictures and talked to her as she taught a class on glass work for adults.  She helped me get pictures of some of the students to use in the slideshow.

After gathering all of the material I needed, I used Audacity to edit the ten-minute interview down to five minutes and add some music at the beginning and end.  Then, I used Adobe Lightroom to crop, lighten and rotate photos.

Matching pictures to the audio in iMovie was difficult.  Showing what Helen was speaking about was important, as pottery making and glass work are not familiar to many people.   My hope is that people can enjoy the audio slideshow of a woman in her early 90s who is still vital and interested in producing, teaching and sharing her art.

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